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Dentures services offered in Cedar Hill, TX


Dentures services offered in Cedar Hill, TX

Dentures are an affordable and effective way to replace some or all of your natural teeth. At Uptown Dental in Cedar Hill, Texas, general and restorative dentist Jeffrey Belz, DDS, has more than 25 years of experience designing and fitting custom dentures. Call Uptown Dental today to schedule a denture consultation, or book your appointment online.

Teeth Cleaning Q + A

Can I benefit from dentures if I have missing teeth?

Yes. Dentures let you bite, chew, and speak confidently if you’ve lost some or all of your permanent teeth. Dentures restore your smile and reduce your risk of more serious issues, like bone decay and gum recession.

Are there different types of dentures?

At Uptown Dental, Dr. Belz offers several types of dentures, including:

Partial dentures

Partial dentures look similar to an orthodontic retainer. They have a metal framework and several artificial teeth. 

Complete dentures

Complete dentures have an entire row of artificial teeth. They rest on top of your gums and are held in place with denture glue.

Implant-retained dentures

Implant-retained dentures are similar to complete dentures. The difference is that they’re held in place with dental implants instead of denture glue. Implants are small titanium posts that Dr. Belz inserts into your empty tooth sockets. 

The type of dentures that will most benefit you depends on several factors, including your budget, treatment goals, and the number of permanent teeth missing.

Does it take several appointments to get dentures?

Yes. Getting custom dentures takes at least two appointments several weeks or months.

Partial and complete dentures

If you want partial or complete dentures, Dr. Belz takes digital scans of your mouth. He sends your scans to a denture lab that uses them to make a custom model of your mouth. The lab technicians use this model to design a set of dentures that fit perfectly and look natural. Once the dentures are finished, the technicians polish them and send them to Uptown Dental. 

When your custom dentures are ready, you visit the office for the second time and try them on.

Implant-retained dentures

To get implant-retained dentures, you need healthy gums and enough bone to support the dental implants. Dr. Belz inserts a series of dental implants into your empty tooth sockets during outpatient surgery.

Several months later, after the implants finish integrating with your bone, you return to Uptown Dental. During the recovery process, Dr. Belz gives you temporary dentures so you can bite and chew. 

At your second visit, Dr. Belz takes impressions of your mouth and sends them to a denture lab. The lab uses your impressions to create a custom model of your mouth and build your implant-retained dentures.

Call Uptown Dental today to schedule a denture consultation or book your appointment online.